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autostart after boot

This page is obsolete. The latest versions of mycontacts will start automatically after boot by default.

Please check here


  1. Start x-terminal
  2. become root
  3. create the file /etc/event.d/mycontacts with:
description "starts MyContacts"

start on started hildon-desktop


console none

exec su - user -c "exec /opt/crochik/mycontacts"
end script
or you can just copy the file /opt/crochik/mycontacts-start-on-boot/mycontacts to /etc/event.d

sudo cp /opt/crochik/mycontacts-start-on-boot/mycontacts /etc/event.d

  • The regular "user" account does not have access to write to the "/etc/event.d" folder so you MUST have a root password and use sudo
  • Thanks venemo for the "script" (I just copied what he has for sticky notes).
  • You have to create the file as root
  • If you remove the "#" from the respwan line the application will restart automatically (you won't be able to get rid of it). With the "#" it will start every time you restart the phone and you will still be able to stop it by selecting "shutdown"
  • If you decide that you don't want mycontacts to start automatically you will need to remove the file manually... and if, for any reason, you decide to uninstall mycontacts you should first remove this file.