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Change Log

The contents of this page are obsolete. Please check here.

08/02 - 0.9.6-1

  • First version to allow access to telepathy accounts (skype, google talk, theonering - google voice, ...)
  • Integration with fMMS to send MMS
  • Allow to set "routing" priorities separately for local calls, international calls, local sms, international sms.
  • long click on phone button will open phone application and allow user to pick the accout to use 
  • online accounts window to help debug online accounts, view contacts and start voice or text chats.
  • Allow to initiate calls using Skype Out and/or Google voice calls (through calls)

07/15 - 0.9.1-1

  • show contacts presence status on applet, border color:
    • green: online
    • yellow: multiple online accounts with different status
    • gray: away
    • black  (invisible): offline
    • color assigned to applet border: contact does not have any online accounts attached to it
  • improved startup/reload time
  • reduced memory footprint (for contacts with avatars)
  • added status to skype button on contact details window
  • Avatar view on application shows unaltered version of image associated up to 120x120. Doesn't look as good as before but it is quicker and requires less memory. Please request a new setting to control this if you don't like it.
  • VICaR integration: allows changing the setting as long as VICaR is installed (even if disabled). Please note that VICaR will handle the call from MyContact even when disabled (my preferred way so it does not try to handle any international calls that I place some other way)
  • allow to assign contacts w/o avatars to groups
  • stylesheet for "select contacts" window
  • changed layout of "select contacts" window: "not selected" list is displayed as a "list" and "selected" will display avatars on their "native" resolution
  • "select contacts" window: the contacts added to the group will keep showing on the left side (not selected -> all contacts)
  • changed style sheet for skypebutton (contact_portrait.css, contact_landscape.css)

07/12 -

  • moved groups to settings window
  • widget settings now show settings window (not just groups) so user can control all settings from widget
  • replaced "applet" with "widget"
  • removed "reset skin" button from settings. Please see howto page for instructions on how to reset.
  • remove double click speed button from settings. Default setting should work for most.
  • Contact name on widget: 3 options (do not show, overlay, bellow image)
  • integration with VICAR (international calls and skypeout?)

07/06 -

  • fix default settings (double click speed)

07/06 -

  • (applet) allow to change desktop widget size on settings
  • keep running on background after being started manually (use Exit/Shutdown on MyContacts application menu to stop it).
  • New version of QtMobility Contacts backend with bug fixes and improved performance - should fix issue with ADR bug
  • automatically install applet when running for the first time

06/28 - 0.8.6-1

  • (app) Settings window
  • (app) fixed style sheets (portrait mode)
  • (app) changed contact details window to stackable (not dialog)
  • (app) changed group settings window to stackable
  • (app) phones view
  • (app) renamed Thumbnails view to Avatars
  • (app) Window title matches view mode (e.g. e-mails, Avatar, Phones, All)
  • (app) show name under avatars
  • (app) moved "orientation" to settings
  • save settings/groups every time they are changed
  • option to show SMS button for any phone - not just Cell. (settings)
  • (applet) change color (settings)
  • (applet) click on empty space - changed to only show select contacts window when there is no contacts on current group
  • (applet) control double click speed (settings)
  • removed dialog asking to install the applet after closing application. 
  • option to use FastSMS to send SMS (can be configured to handle all SMS or just when on portrait mode)

Future (random order)

  • different applet layouts (not show buttons, smaller avatars, avatar with contact name, larger avatar, ...)
  • auto rotate for applet?
  • groups not connected to applet (call block, ...)
  • send sms to group
  • send mms (fmms)
  • create button to open facebook page
  • create button to open urls
  • allow to assign avatar to contact
  • allow to edit contact info
  • call block? call forward? prompt user to add number to black list when a call is rejected?
  • international call codes. allow to customize format based on country (area code, prefix, suffix digits)
  • decide on "best" way to contact
    • detect current area code and assume it for phone numbers w/o country/area code. Allow setting to define "default" country/area code for contacts.
    • detect connection status (2g, 3g, wifi, ... ) to decide on call method (skype, google voice, cell, ...).
    • check if contact is online to decide on best way to call or send message (skype, sms, facebook, ...)
    • check if "you" are online 
    • settings per "group", global settings, contact preferences. ...
  • some use for call log? recent calls at least?
  • (app) new view based on presence/online accounts
  • ring tone for sms
  • manage ring tones for different profiles
  • implement REAL search...
  • Horizontal virtual keyboard?
  • telepathy
    • start phone, audio and video skype calls
    • start google voice calls, send sms (qt mobility)
  • allow to assign ring tone to each contact
  • allow ring tones in different formats (mp3, aac, ...)
  • allow each group to have different calling priorities (e.g. Work group: call first work phone then Cell; Home: call first home phone then Cell; Friends: Call cell first then home phone)
  • allow to select default "method" (call, sms, e-mail) for each contact